Inlays and Onlays

Inlays or Onlays are indirect fillings made in the labaratory that fit into or onto a tooth. Its purpose is to make the tooth stronger by reinforcing it, together while retaining a natural, aesthetically pleasing colour. They are used in instances when there is deficient tooth structure to support a filling but the tooth is still in a condition that does not require a crown.

The process of an inlay or onlay requires 2 visits to a dentist. In the first visit, the decay or old is removed, the cavity rehaped and an impression is taken. This impression records the shape of the damaged tooth and the surrounding teeth allowing the indirect restoration to be made. While the inlay/onlay is being made, the patient is given a temporary filling to protect the damaged tooth. During the second visit, this temporary filling is removed and the indirect filling is fitted. If the fit is acceptable it is permanently cemented into place.

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