Deposit and Cancellation Charge Policy

At Heralds Way Dental Clinic we will require a deposit when you book a private appointment. This will be deducted from your bill for the relevant treatment at your next visit. We understand that things sometimes come up and that you may need to make changes to your appointment. We will always be as flexible as possible with our patients – that’s why the deposit will be refunded if you subsequently cancel the appointment with more than 48 hours’ notice. 

However, we reserve the right to retain your deposit in case of late cancellations (any cancellation with less than 48 hours’ notice). This may sound strict, but quite simply if you cancel with less than 48 hours’ notice it is very difficult for us to rebook your appointment slot or slots which means that we are unlikely to treat another patient in your place. This means that our team will not be treating any patients, but we’ll still have to pay them all and all of our running costs, so we will genuinely be significantly out of pocket, and it means that lovely patients just like you will have had to wait longer than they needed to for an appointment.  

We will always try to be sensitive to personal circumstances in the event of late cancellations. 

Deposit and Cancellation Private Fee Structure: 

  • For check-ups, Standard hygiene appointments, and other appointments of 30 mins or less we will take a deposit of £25. 
  • For GBT half of the fee due for the length of the appointment will be taken: 
    • £45 (for appointments of 30 minutes or less) 
    • £60 (for appointments over 45 minutes up to 1 hour) 
    • £80 (for appointments over 1 hour) 
  • For all other dental treatment appointments, half of the treatment plan will be due. 
  • For any treatments lasting longer than 2 hours we may take a deposit amounting to half the cost of the total treatment 
  • For specialist appointments (such as implants or specialist endodontics) the deposit required may vary from specialist to specialist, dependent on the stage of the treatment and type of appointment. Full details will be given throughout the treatment plans. 

NHS deposits 

For Band 2 treatment, we will take the full cost upfront at your examination appointment. 

For Band 3 treatment we will take £100 at your examination appointment to cover the cost of any laboratory costs and the remainder at completion of treatment.  

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