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If you have lost either all or some of your teeth you may replace them with either full or partial dentures, We can provide you with superior quality dentures that look as natural and life like as possible.

Although there are several methods to replace missing teeth, some methods such as individual dental implants or bridges may not be suitable in all circumstances or be your desired choice of treatment.

At Heralds Way we will clearly advise you about every option to replace your missing teeth, your suitability, the pros and cons and the fees involved.

Dentures are made with either a quality acrylic base or a thin, yet extremely durable metal base called cobalt chrome. Usually partial dentures have metal clasps that fit around selected teeth to help keep the denture in position. We strive to keep the metal clasps out of view. The partial dentures we provide are carefully designed to function and blend-in with the look of your remaining natural teeth so that they are comfortable and as life like as possible.

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Just as you should visit your dentist twice a year, you should also aim to visit your hygienist every six months, unless directed otherwise.

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